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Pika's Playground
Hello there dear reader~ ヾ(๑╹ω╹๑)ノ
My name is Pika and my bigest dream is to become a good artists one day. Because of that I decided to make this little blog. I hope to get reviews of neutral people and also from experienced artist so I can improve on my works.

I'll also be reblogging stuff I love, such as:

ArsMagna/ Utaite/ Odorite/ Vocaloid/ Kingdom Hearts/ Shonen-ai/ Tokyo Ghoul/ Doctor Who/ Touhou/ / a lot of other stuff xD
Everything that makes my little fangirl heart happy xD
"Creations where we can definitively say right after finishing “It’s for this particular reason that this work is fantastic!” are nice, but we should value works where we get the feeling there’s something important in them, yet we can’t really express it, so we just mull it over and say “I’m not really sure, but I think I might be spending a lot of time with this.”"
—Fafoo (via vgperson)

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Reblog if you’re a “Whatever the fuck I feel like posting” blog.



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The series is going to end with Shibazaki adopting everybody and they all live happily ever after and nobody dies… right? ;_;

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NomuraI’ve also drawn new clothes for Sora and Riku and the others.


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Good morning Aoba-san!

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all the retail stores right now

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ib + rose meanings

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